Friday, 6 August 2010

.emma hardie skincare.

sorry picture taken on my mac book so all the writing is reversed!

yesterday i worked in the bishopsgate store of space nk and was very pleased to meet one of the facialists/trainers for emma hardie skincare! my good friend miss coward first told me about the range (the kings rd store i'm based in is sooo tiny that we don't have all the brands) and i was interested to try it ever since then. it has no parabens or mineral oil in and is 99.9% natural. the cleanser is anti ageing, softening and purifying and was the main reason i wanted to try the range so i was very excited when i was given a starter kit to try! ive made a video showing you the starter kit and just giving a little introduction to the range which will be up on my youtube channel with in the week so look out for it -

if you havent subscribed already then go and do it (please!) and it will pop up on your subscriptions when you log in to your youtube account as soon as i upload it!

you can find more information on emma hardie at -

i will make a video to review the product after i have been using it for a few weeks so you know what i actually think of it!

its £30 for the starter kit at space nk.



  1. was lovely but i wouldnt re purchase, probs better for someone with a normal to dry skintype having said that i loved a couple of the prods, ive done a review on my blog somewhere! xxx