Wednesday, 16 June 2010

.chantecaille protection naturelle spf 46.
this is CLEVER! its a loose powder, with an spf of 46 (was originally spf 50 but went through the strictest of spf tests and was decided on spf 46 but basically spf 50!)

normal spf's that you apply, wether through moisturiser or foundation don't actually have full uva/uvb protection even though they may state spf 20 or whatever and even if they do then they only last a couple of hours max! so what do you do when you need to top up your sunscreen?? remove all your makeup and start again? noooo!

so clever chantecaille have come up with this powder with brush attached for easy application which you literally just dust on every couple hours to keep you protected and shine free, its is full uva/uvb protection and is as light as anything. it comes in translucent, or a bronzer. the first time you purchase it, it may feel expensive as its £50 but that is with the brush, which is a real hair, very soft brush (their brushes are expensive anyway) and then when the powder runs out you can get refills for around £23 so not bad! especially as you would save money on not having to buy an spf for the face!

i love it and i want one!

you can purchase from space nk or fenwicks.


  1. Hi Lucy,
    First, let me tell you I love your videos! so I became a follower, I don't have a blog though.
    If you get one of these Chantecaille spf blushes, could you do a review of it about the brush. I just order some shampoo from Space NK and asked for samples of the 2 colors of this Chantecaille product, so they are going to send me some powder in a pot, and there is not way I can test the brush. So if you buy it tell me how the brush like like. Last time I bought a product like this (the Peter Thomas Roth) the brush was sooooo scratchyyyyy.
    Anyway, I enjoy your videos a lot, and you are gorgeous.

  2. Hi! sorry have only just noticed this comment, havent been very on top of my blog! yes i have tried the brush and although its not the softest ive ever used its also not too scratchy for me. hope this is helpful! and thank you for the lovely comments, keep watching! x